Custom Bonnets

Custom Bonnet

If you have not yet bought a custom bonnet, go to the custom bonnet listing:

After you have made your purchase, please fill out the custom-bonnet form:

I love finding the perfect material and designing and sewing bonnets, but it’s the custom bonnets that hug my heart! There is nothing sweeter than creating a bonnet made from daddy’s shirt, mommy’s favorite dress, grandma’s beloved apron, or the endless other garments that hold sentimental value. And then to see your little one’s face framed by your personal and uniquely made bonnet, is priceless!

Yes, eventually your babe is going to grow out of their meaningful custom bonnet, but it will be worth holding onto as decor in your little one's nursery, or to be passed down to future generations in your family. Custom bonnets tell a story, and stories live on!

All custom bonnets cost $39. You can click on the “custom bonnet listing” and add to cart for purchase. Once you make the purchase, you will need to fill out the custom bonnet form (button below). When I receive your garment/fabric, it usually takes 2 weeks or less to make and ship the bonnet to you. There is a section on the form where you can opt to have any leftover material mailed back to you.

All information and instructions are included on the form (you don’t have to memorize all of this). Keep in mind that I only accept cotton (non-stretchy), linen and rayon, so check the label before sending a garment. The garment or fabric must be free of stains, rips, holes, lace, and sequins. It is important to be aware that the garment would allow at least 2 bonnets to be cut from it. If I receive material that is not usable, I will refund your purchase, and send it back to you.

Please keep in mind that by purchasing a custom bonnet, you give me full permission to design your bonnet, including the lining and trim.