Our Story

Hipcheeks is a family business that makes modern children's bonnets. This is our story.


The Hipcheeks Story

Welcome to Hipcheeks! I’m Kendra, designer and maker of our beautiful bonnets. I am the wife to my handsome hubby, and mommy to our two kids, Oliver and Malou! I have stayed home full time with our babies from day one, and feel incredibly blessed that God handpicked me for the job!

Before kids, I had several different jobs, none of which inspired my creative side, something that I’ve always loved tapping into in my spare time. During Oliver's sleepy newborn phase, I often dug through my craft boxes, or created random canvas paintings to fulfill the artsy vibes I caught myself day dreaming about. It was during that time I became more familiar with, and interested in, all the social media craziness.

Pintrest became both my BFF and my worst enemy, Facebook was always a lukewarm experience, and then I found Instagram. I probably spent more time than I care to admit swooning over all of the precious baby clothes and accessories made by small shop owners from all over the world. As I followed these talented small shops, I kept thinking, “maybe I can make some of these things on my own.”

Fast forward a few years. I was now pregnant with our baby girl. My husband and I toyed around with the idea of starting our own business as a way for me to continue to stay home with our babies, yet giving me that creative outlet I had been craving to use. After dipping my fingers into a few different projects, I just wasn’t feeling a true passion for the specific things I had tried my hand at. I started doubting and feeling defeated as I scrolled through one small shop to the next. But then I was reminded to pray! What did God want for me? How was He going to lead me to use the talents He had given to me?

It’s no secret that I appreciate and enjoy finding pre-loved clothing for my kids (and for myself). I have cruised the aisles of thrift stores and consignment shops since I was a kid. So I grabbed an old shirt, tweaked my pattern until it was just right, and made my first bonnet. It was far from perfect, but I was already in love! I had previously bought a couple of used bonnets for my daughter, and knew it was an accessory I wanted more of for her. I loved the thought of using pre-loved clothing or fabric to create beautiful and unique bonnets for my baby girl. There’s just something so special about taking something old or unattractive and making it new and charming!

For my sweet girl, wearing one of my bonnets quickly became a daily staple for her anytime we headed out the door. Whether we were taking a walk around our neighborhood, shopping at the local grocery store or worshiping on Sunday morning at church, we would be stopped by a handful of people wanting to ask where she got her hat. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was being lead to design and make more to see if just maybe, doors were being opened to start my own little shop…and that’s when Hipcheeks began!